Treatment Information and Aftercare

Face - Botox treatment and aftercare

“aftercare and protection
is as important as the treatment itself”

Treatment method

Botulinum toxin is administered via a series of tiny injections using a tiny micro fine needle, so fine there is minimal discomfort. Small ice packs or surface gels may be used to achieve the painless administration of the solutions. All sites for treatment will be discussed with you after listening to your considerations.

The treatment times vary but can take as little as ten minutes and most people return to normal activities immediately afterwards. All proposed treatments will be discussed at a free non obligatory consultation prior to treatment.

How long does treatment last?

Depending upon the individual, initial results can last from between 3 to 6 months. After initial treatments, the duration of each treatment may last longer so that less frequent treatments may be necessary over time. Lifestyle can have an effect on the longevity of treatment e.g. a lot of exercise may reduce duration of effect. Also each treatment affects individuals to varying amounts, producing differing results with the same treatments. It is this reason why it is difficult to predict a definitive result initially, but with repeated treatments over time, botox can be tailored to your own muscle requirements. However if any clients do request a further top up of treatment to coincide with a current course, a further fee will be charged.

Possible side effects

Side effects, if they occur, are usually temporary and mild to moderate. Most are linked to the injection sites e.g. pain on injection, redness and swelling.

Further detailed information is available and discussed prior to any cosmetic procedure.

Immediate aftercare

  • Avoid excessive exercise for 24 hours
  • Don’t lie down for 2 hours
  • Avoid rubbing/massaging face for 12 hours
  • Contract the treated areas (i.e. frown) as much as possible for up to 90 minutes afterwards

Optimum skin protection

  • Limit exposure to the sun and use high protection sun block
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Refrain from smoking
  • Use moisturisers regularly