The Procedure and Aftercare

Teeth Whitening Services by Face

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The Procedure

Supplied as a take home teeth whitening kit, this method is proven to be he most effective in achieving a stable end result.

We use thin, specially customised whitening trays to deliver the gels to the tooth surface. Our product is placed within the trays and then inserted over the teeth to be whitened. Length and duration of wear varies from case to case and will be designed to your own particular needs and requirements by the dentist.

Interested? Simply make an appointment  with the dentist, we look forward to helping you to a whiter smile.


  • Maintain good standard of oral hygiene.
  • Floss daily (or use alternative interdental cleaners)
  • Brush twice daily preferably with an electric toothbrush. The best brands and models can be recommended at consultation.
  • Attend your dentist regularly for check ups.
  • Eating and drinking a lot of strong coloured foods e.g. curries/red wine can lead to staining. Be aware of this and consume sensibly with no need to avoid totally.